Established now for over 30 years, GDI Group has compiled a substantial property portfolio ranging from residential developments, landholdings and commercial property.


GDI Group focuses on innovative architecture and meticulous design detail to deliver projects tailored to enhance the individual attributes of each development location. We enjoy the process and take pride in producing exceptional developments which exceed expectations.

GDI Group is strongly committed to delivering excellence through their expertise in the acquisition, development and management of commercial and residential property developments.

We consistently strive to advance our knowledge of how the built form influences people’s day to day needs to enhance lifestyle and workplace environments.


Dean Gallagher
Managing Director

Dean Gallagher, award-winning Managing Director of GDI Group, has over 30 years’ experience in property development, during which the Group has compiled a substantial portfolio across a range of sectors. Their innovative and distinctive properties, from residences and office precincts to retail centres and land subdivisions, span the southeast corner of Queensland.

Dean’s expertise lies in his ability to look beyond classification, focusing instead on the core development potential of each property. A second-generation developer and licenced builder, he engages in every facet of the development cycle, from site identification and design through to project delivery and sales.

GDI Group’s core philosophy is to create outstanding environments where people thrive. This is driven by Dean’s desire to understand how a property will impact day-to-day human needs, irrespective of its sector, before creating a space that imbues its inhabitants with energy and assurance.

Dean is passionate about innovative, purpose-driven design and prides himself on being a lifelong learner. His purpose for GDI Group is, at all times, to pursue excellence, maintain integrity and exceed industry expectations.